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A legal document assistant LDAis a non-lawyer authorized to assist with the preparation of legal instruments. Unlike a paralegal, legal document assistants do not work under the supervision of an attorney.

lda stan

This shall not apply to any individual whose assistance consists merely of secretarial or receptionist services. The Legal Document Assistant registration is effective for a period of two years, or the bond expiration date, whichever occurs first. The renewal can take place up to 60 days prior to the expiration date; the effective date of the renewal will be the date your current registration expires.

Renewal will retain the same number provided registration is in the same county and lapsed no more than three 3 years. The above-listed requirements including fees still apply when renewing. If the county clerk finds that the applicant has failed to demonstrate having met the requisite requirements, the county clerk, within three business days of submission of the application and fee, shall return the application and fee to the applicant with a notice to the applicant indicating the reason for the denial and the method of appeal.

A Professional Photocopier is defined as any person who for compensation obtains or reproduces documents authorized to be produced, and who, while engaged in performing that activity, has access to the information contained therein.

A professional photocopier shall be responsible at all times for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of information obtained under the applicable codes in the transmittal or distribution of records to the authorized persons or entities. A certificate of registration is effective for a period of two years or until the date the bond expires, whichever occurs first.

The renewal can take place up to 60 days prior to its expiration date and the effective date of the renewal will be the date the current registration expires. Process servers deliver legal documents to parties involved in court matters. California process servers must be 18 years old and must not be a defendant, plaintiff, petitioner, respondent or otherwise involved in the case. Process servers registered in California may serve legal documents anywhere in the state. Any person who makes more than 10 services of process within this state during one calendar year, for specific compensation or in expectation of specific compensation, shall file a certificate of registration as a process server with the county clerk of the county in which he or she resides or has his or her principal place of business.

Any corporation or partnership that derives or expects to derive compensation from service of process within this state shall also file a certificate of registration as a process server with the county clerk of the county in which the corporation or partnership has its principal place of business.

LiveScan fingerprinting is required for new registrants and if there has been a lapse in registration. An Unlawful Detainer Assistant is an individual who for compensation renders assistance or advice in the prosecution or defense of an unlawful detainer claim or action, including any bankruptcy petition that may affect the unlawful detainer claim or action.

The Unlawful Detainer Assistant registration is effective for a period of two years, or the bond expiration date, whichever occurs first.

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Renewals will retain the same number provided registration is in the same county and lapsed no more than three 3 years. The Stancounty. Com website has been translated for your convenience using translation software powered by Google Translate. Reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation, however, no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace human translators.

Translations are provided as a service to users of the Stancounty.In probability theory and statisticsthe Dirichlet-multinomial distribution is a family of discrete multivariate probability distributions on a finite support of non-negative integers.

Dirichlet-multinomial distribution

It is frequently encountered in Bayesian statisticsempirical Bayes methods and classical statistics as an overdispersed multinomial distribution.

The Dirichlet-multinomial is a multivariate extension of the beta-binomial distributionas the multinomial and Dirichlet distributions are multivariate versions of the binomial distribution and beta distributionsrespectively. The Dirichlet distribution is a conjugate distribution to the multinomial distribution.

This fact leads to an analytically tractable compound distribution. Another form for this same compound distribution, written more compactly in terms of the beta functionBis as follows:. The latter form emphasizes the fact that zero count categories can be ignored in the calculation - a useful fact when the number of categories is very large and sparse e.

Some Bayesian Modeling Techniques in Stan

When a ball is randomly drawn and observed, then two balls of the same color are returned to the urn. If the random draws are with simple replacement no balls over and above the observed ball are added to the urnthen the distribution follows a multinomial distribution and if the random draws are made without replacement, the distribution follows a multivariate hypergeometric distribution.

The covariance matrix is as follows. Each diagonal entry is the variance of a beta-binomially distributed random variable, and is therefore. All covariances are negative because for fixed nan increase in one component of a Dirichlet-multinomial vector requires a decrease in another component. The entries of the corresponding correlation matrix are. The support of the Dirichlet-multinomial distribution is the set.

It is this positive correlation which gives rise to overdispersion relative to the multinomial distribution. Conceptually, we are making N independent draws from a categorical distribution with K categories.

Then, we have two separate views onto this problem:. The former case is a set of random variables specifying each individual outcome, while the latter is a variable specifying the number of outcomes of each of the K categories. The distinction is important, as the two cases have correspondingly different probability distributions. However, the form of the distribution is different depending on which view we take.

It turns out to have an extremely simple form:. It may be useful to show how to derive this formula. In general, it is not necessary to worry about the normalizing constant at the time of deriving the equations for conditional distributions.

The normalizing constant will be determined as part of the algorithm for sampling from the distribution see Categorical distribution Sampling.Suggest new definition. References in periodicals archive? The authority has already allocated Rs3 billion for the development works of LDA City projects,' he indicated. LDA City set to acquire another 11, kanals. LDA to encourage high-rises in city. The development expenditures include Rs7.

LDA's budget approved. Briefing about the project, the DG LDA said the LDA Avenue-I project covered an area of around 17, Kanal land, whereas, five different housing societies owing 32,00K land have been demonstrating resistance in transferring of land into mega project for which role of NAB Lahore was required for settlement.

LDA City allottees to deposit development charges. The chief minister said the LDA vice chairman is being made more empowered so that the authority discharge daily affairs itself and it does not need visiting the chief minister for petty affairs. Buzdar to relax rules for multi-storey buildings. LDA to relax rules to encourage construction of multi-storey buildings.

lda stan

Other features offered by LDA e4 include designated precision power control, accurate reference clock source, per port signal monitoring tools, out-of-band management, internal USB ports for debug equipment, zero-configuration option. WCLA to amend building laws. Acronyms browser? Full browser?She came up with the idea of placing scenes of Richmond in 22K gold on a clear glass ball ornament. She figured out the secret for making it work and produced and sold thousands of these ornaments.

lda stan

With that, LDA Creations was born. The Salvation Army was the first customer. We have provided them with more thanglass ball ornaments since that time. Hand-painted ornaments, custom dinnerware, engraved glass and wood items were added to the products that LDA could produce — all of them with custom designs for each customer. In an old mill became available in Dayton, Virginia.

The mill needed vast amounts of TLC. The company had the vision to renovate the mill and move its operations there. Eighteen months later the vision had come to fruition and LDA moved to Dayton! It is a great Mennonite farming community just outside of Harrisonburg.

Stanford Topic Modeling Toolbox

In Cheryl started thinking about retirement and two years later she did just that. Candace and Stan Farthing have been the owners since Candace started with LDA as an artist in Stan has a great deal of business expertise that is essential in keeping things moving. LDA is a strong company. We are always interested in innovation and staying current with the needs of our customers.

About Candace Farthing TDiscriminant analysis encompasses methods that can be used for both classification and dimensionality reduction. Linear discriminant analysis LDA is particularly popular because it is both a classifier and a dimensionality reduction technique. This post focuses mostly on LDA and explores its use as a classification and visualization technique, both in theory and in practice.

LDA is a classification and dimensionality reduction techniques, which can be interpreted from two perspectives. The first is interpretation is probabilistic and the second, more procedure interpretation, is due to Fisher. The first interpretation is useful for understanding the assumptions of LDA. The second interpretation allows for a better understanding on how LDA performs dimensionality reduction. The maximum-a-posteriori MAP estimator simplifies to.

Linear, Quadratic, and Regularized Discriminant Analysis

LDA assumes that all classes have the same covariance matrix, i. So, now that we have a classifier, how we can compute it? The between-class variance is defined according to the deviation of the centroids from the overall mean, as defined earlier.

Thus, LDA can be optimized through the Rayleigh quotient. LDA performs classification in a reduced subspace.

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The motivation for reduced-rank LDA is that classification basd on a reduced number of discriminant variables can improve performance on the test set when the model is overfitted. The number of effective parameters of LDA can be derived in the following way. The covariance matrix does not require additional parameters because it is already defined by the centroids.

Here, I summarize the two perspectives on LDA and give a summary of the main properties of the model.

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Due to the normal assumption of LDA, the posterior is defined by a multivariate Gaussian whose covariance matrix is assumed to be identical for all classes. The discriminant variables can be obtained through eigen-decompositions of the within-class and between-class variance. According to Fisher, LDA can be understood as a dimensionality reduction technique where each successive transformation is orthogonal and maximizes the between-class variance relative to the within-class variance.

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After sphering the input data, new points can be classified by determining the closest centroid in the affine space under consideration of the class priors.

To exemplify linear discriminant analysis, we will use the phoneme speech recognition data set. This data set is useful for showcasing discriminant analysis because it involves five different outcomes. The data set contains samples of digitized speech for five phonemes: aa as the vowel in darkao as the first vowel in waterdcl as in darkiy as the vowel in sheand sh as in she.

In total, speech frames of 32 msec were selected. For each speech frame, a log-periodogram of length was computed, on whose basis we want to perform speech recognition.

The columns labeled x. For evaluating models later, we will assign each sample either into the training or the test set:. We can transform the training data to the canonical coordinates by applying the transformation matrix on the scaled data.

To obtain the same results as returned by the predict. This indicates that two dimensions are not sufficient for differentiating all 5 classes. However, the clustering indicates that phonemes that are sufficiently different from one another can be differentiated very well.We're hands-on.

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lda stan

QMX Intersects Group at a Glance. All RIghts Reserved.The Stanford Topic Modeling Toolbox TMT brings topic modeling tools to social scientists and others who wish to perform analysis on datasets that have a substantial textual component. The toolbox features that ability to:. TMT was written during in what is now a very old version of Scala, using a linear algebra library that is also no longer developed or maintained.

If you're just using the software bundle as is, it'll probably work fine. However, if you're trying to incorporate this code into a larger project, you'll have deep trouble due to its age. At this point we really can't offer any support or fix any problems. Sorry about that. If someone would like to take over the code and update it, let us know. You might also look at other implementations of Labeled LDA.

Let us know if you know about others or these ones do or don't work. Contact: java-nlp-support lists. The example scripts and data file have changed since the previous release.

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Make sure to update your scripts accordingly. Don't forget to check the imports! This section contains software installation instructions and the overviews the basic mechanics of running the toolbox.

This is a simple script that just loads the records contained in the sample data file pubmed-oa-subset, an subset of the Open Access database of publications in Pubmed. Now run the toolbox as before and select "Open script Navigate to exampletest.

You're all set to continue with the tutorial. For the rest of the tutorial, invoke the toolbox in the same way as we do above but with a different script name. This section describes how the toolbox converts a column of text from a file into a sequence of words.

The code for this example is in exampledataset. The process of extracting and preparing text from a CSV file can be thought of as a pipeline, where a raw CSV file goes through a series of stages that ultimately result in something that can be used to train the topic model. Here is a sample pipeline for the pubmed-oa-subset. The input data file in the source variable is a pointer to the CSV file you downloaded earlier, which we will pass through a series of stages that each transform, filter, or otherwise interact with the data.

In line one, we instruct TMT to use the value in column 1 as the record ID, a unique identifier for each record in the file.


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